These pictures are from a series I did in 2010 in Mt. Rainier, Brentwood and Hyattsville Maryland. They were shown at the 39th Street Gallery from late October to December. There were about 80 portraits and amazingly the show sold out. Robert Gianetti, Plaster Artisan Francisca Rodrigues, Restauranteur  Atiba, GLUT Food Co opPhylis Jordan and Cheryl Ledbetter, Circa 34 Consignment ShopHi Ho, Owner Hi Tech Auto RepairMichael Turner, Community ActivistTim Tate, ArtistJohn Paridiso, Artist, Director 39th Street GalleryJ. J. McCrackin, ArtistRobert Bannerman, Antique DealerMark Blackwood, MusicianLouis and PrincessJoe BienciniMr. Bill (Tolbert) Snowball and Lovey Smith, Odd n' EvenCheryl Gibson, Party Time Liquors