Artist Statement for WORK at Hillyer Art Space 11/09 This group of photos was done for the most part on assignment for various magazines. I always like the idea of an almost life sized image of the subject for close scrutiny and finally for the love of their humanity. I almost always come away from my portrait sessions with gratitude and affection for the subjects. They are my collaborators, my co-conspirators. I leave exhausted and dry-mouthed from talking so much; like a one night stand. These pictures are a farewell to the film and chemicals I was so fond of. Digital photography is so different. Now the subject asks to see the image on the spot then makes various requests for editing in Photoshop. It's a different commitment on the subjects part. They have gone from trusting collaborator to art director. So much for the magic of silver nitrates and hydroquinone. "And who shall say, whatever disenchantment comes, that we ever forgot magic, or that we can betray, on this leaden earth, the apple tree, the singing and the gold". Tom Wolfe **************************************************************** Artist Statement for Exhibition at DFI Intl. Dec. 2005 - Feb 2006 Did I mention that............ I could have asked rhetorically.... is it,then, necessary to place oneself in a category? Or offered the excuse, that words are no help getting to the truth. Or that a slight color variation, a tone, becomes a real event, a thing that carries emotional weight and meaning. Or that Cezanne said that being an artist is like being in a lonely priesthood. I am like a cave painter at Altamira. I know what I like; I put it on the wall. I wish it were more complicated than that. in case of terrorist attack please visit my